Individualized mid- and long-term study programs,
providing study strategies based on current year and academic history.

T-IME Education offers students a mid- and long-term educational roadmap based on our extensive knowledge of elementary, middle, and high school education. This allows us to offer students objective, periodic evaluations of how they compare to students nationwide, while our database of educational information allows any student to make and adjust a long-term plan for their education using a specialized program which is creative and professional.

In general, elementary academic institutions are not familiar with school admissions exams, and academies focusing on admission to specialized high schools give no mind to college admission. Academies focusing on college admission, meanwhile, know nothing about admissions tests for the lower grades. While this approach might be sufficient for helping students achieve their short-term goals, they are unable to offer students a guide to what they will need to prepare in the mid- to long-term future.

T-IME Education makes use of its body of 165,000 students nationwide, giving academic evaluations created by test-making specialists four times a year, using scientific analysis by professional statisticians to offer each student an objective evaluation of how they compare to students nation-wide.
Based on these results, T-IME creates a systematized database of changes in students’ grades, their attitudes toward studying, and their future paths in order to manage students individually. The mid- to long-term educational roadmaps T-IME Education provides to students offer them individualized study advice according to level, age, and subject area.