Injaeweon—Premium Elementary Education


The elementary level is an important time for determining student success.
It is also one of the most influential educational stages in life.
However, those who are naturally studious are not the only children who can be successful.

What needs to be learned in elementary school is not the ability to solve problems, but the ability to think creatively, the ability to take on challenges and overcome failure, the ability to respect and understand others, and the ability to experience intellectual curiosity and work individually for the student’s own intellectual satisfaction.
In order to develop these qualities, students need parents who are willing to listen to and understand what they have to say. In addition, they need teachers who will work to develop each student’s individuality and personal strengths.

We do not evaluate students according to pre-conceived standards. What matters is not whether a particular student develops more quickly or more slowly than others, but whether they receive the proper education—not proper for others, but for themselves.

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